Perfect World and Chinese Dota2 Teams React to Racism

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  Chinese Dota 2 community and some of the professional teams unite against racism. Their actions come in response to the two recent incidents where two professional players made a racist remark about the Chinese people.

  At the start of a game versus Chinese team Royal Never Give Up (RNG), during the DreamLeague Season 10 Minor, CompLexity Gaming’s Rolen Andrei Gabriel “Skemberlu” Ong wrote “Gl chingchong” in all chat. Chingchong is a mockery to the Chinese speech and it’s very resembled to the racists N word from the English language. Skem faced the community backlash and he was fined by his organization for his immature and racist comment. He also made a public apology, however, the Chinese community expected a more severe punishment, form either DreamLeague or even from Valve.?

  Moments after this incident, Carlo “Kuku” Palad from TNC Predator said the exact same word, but in a pub game. Neither TNC nor Kuku made an official comment on the situation, but after it escalated on Reddit, Kuku made a Weibo account to explain that one of the players from the opposite team in his game had his nickname Ching Chong and he used it in chat after he was killed by that player.


  At the beginning of this week, the Chinese racist word became a meme and it was used by some of the community members as the second Major of the 2018-2019 Dota Pro Circuit was announced, The Chongqing Major.

  While Valve are still silent to all this drama, Perfect World, the Dota 2 publisher in China, made an official announcement on Weibo stating the followings:

  “Dear players,

  We know all of you have been following the of the recent racial discrimination incident. Great attention has been paid from our end and we strongly condemn this type of action as no one should be allowed to trample down the national sentiment of others. As such, starting from now, shall similar situation occur in any tournaments hosted by Perfect World, player and team involved will get disqualified immediately.

  Perfect World stands alongside with every player and we are determined to defend the dignity of our country.”


  Team Aster, Vici Gaming and PSG.LGD Gaming have also taken this matter seriously and to raise awareness and prevent incidents like these go unnoticed, each organization posted an official response to what happened at the DreamLeague Minor. ?

  PSG.LGD Gaming:


  “Esports spirit is beyond the limit of nationalities but racism is an issue that should not be overlooked! In any event, racial statements against China should not appear in the professional scene. We really wish that Valve could step in and take appropriate actions regarding the recent racial discrimination incident. Regardless of where it happens and when it happens, national dignity is our bottom line.”

  Vici Gaming:

  “In the light of recent negative behavior, from coL skem and TNC KuKu, to the Chongqing Major being ridiculed, VG wants to make a statement.

  VICI Gaming strongly condemns these actions. We believe youth and ignorance is not an excuse for such mistakes. We hope Valve will step in, hoping to maintain a good domestic and international competitive environment.”

  Team Aster:


  “Recently, two racist incidents against China happened, one from team coL in a Minor match and the other from team TNC in a pub game. Multiple parties have reported these. Unfortunately, no reaction has been made from Valve’s end. We are very disappointed with how things end up and Valve’s neglectful attitude!

  Respect is a mutual thing. Hereby Team Aster promise that, if any racial statements ever came from our players or our staff, they will be punished severely, and publicly. And we welcome the supervision from everyone. In the upcoming tournaments, we will follow the #RESPECT campaign from UEFA, and add the suffix RESPECT to IDs of our players, until pro players from all around the world attach importance to this matter and until no such thing ever happens again.

  With Valve’s dereliction of its duty at the moment, we hope and urge, matters like fair competition and racial equality are properly addressed ASAP, with the community’s joint efforts.”

  Esports veteran and western community favorite Dota 2 anchor, Paul “Redeye” Chaloner has also shared his point of view on the drama, but made an appeal to the Dota 2 fans to control and lower their anger with Skem.

  “Don’t use racism to combat racism, it doesn’t solve anything, “said Redeye on Twitter while he also opens the discussion looking at this drama from a bigger angle: “PR and media training for pro players is essential.”

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